WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, USSD.

What we do

At Celula we provide a variety of tools for companies to engage with their customers. We use the mobile phone to interact with prospects, making use of channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Voice and USSD. We taylor our products to meet your particular business logic and allow you to focus on sales and marketing.

Our Products & Services

Think of our products as individual building blocks. These blocks can be combined in multiple ways to deliver a bespoke service which suites your particular business need.


WhatsApp chat client used to acquire and convert prospects.


Voice services to augment sales conversion or used for customer support. Services can be automated or call-centre driven.

Call-Centre Tools

Web-based and phone-app tools for staff to respond to inbound chat messages, incluing inbound voice if required.

Supporting Tech

Various tools to support customer acquisitions such as USSD, Network Lookup and Device Detection.

Get in touch

Please contact us to arrange for a demo of our products and services.

Office Address
Celula Pty Ltd.
Thesen House, 6 Long Street,
Knysna, Western Cape,
6570, South Africa.
P: +27 (44) 382-6502

Celula Pty Ltd. ~ Registered in South Africa 2012/058409/07 ~ VAT Number 4600263273